Chief Algorithms Officer

Most catalogers aren't going to accept this approach to business. They'll read this and reject it ... "this approach won't work" ... and they'll move on a square inch analysis of the June Remail II Catalog.

During the second half of 2016, I will not be speaking to those with a "read and reject" mindset (#RAR). 

Instead, I will speak directly to you, the open-minded professional (#OMP).

As an open-minded professional (#OMP), you read about a Chief Algorithms Officer and you then consider what that means to your business. You don't run out and hire a CAO, but you pay close attention to what this company is saying by having an individual perform this task.

This company is telling you, the #OMP, that merchandise and math are critically important. What you sell matters, and then using math to align the audience with a subset of the merchandising assortment matters.

Remember - in 80% of my Merchandise Forensics projects, there is a clear product problem that can be articulated and solved.

A Chief Algorithms Officer is one solution to a merchandise/product problem. There are other solutions. But this solution at least recognizes that a fusion of merchandise and math can grow your business. An #OMP like you can easily recognize this fact.