May 15, 2016


That's one of the smart people who works at your company, maybe a #datascientist. She's been reading the entire series about rebuilding the marketing function at a traditional cataloger, and she's skeptical.

It's been an interesting eight months. The thesis I'm asking you to consider has a handful of important components.
  1. Merchandise Productivity.
  2. New Customer Acquisition.
  3. Brand Response Marketing Team / Marketing Department Rebuild.
There tends to be a lag between the content I share with you, your thoughtfulness in considering the content, your ability to implement the content, and the business results that may require you to implement the content. Between each stage, the thesis is met with a healthy dose of skepticism.

My blog is being SWARMED by major retailers (you could easily name these companies) ... these companies are searching for variants of two phrases, in an effort to reverse horrific results.
  1. Merchandising Productivity.
  2. New Customer Acquisition.
Six months ago, retailers didn't search either term. Desperation turned skeptics into professionals who will at least consider the thesis.

This brings me to you. I've been begging you to evaluate Merchandise Productivity for close to five years. I've stressed the importance of customer acquisition in the past year. And I have been promoting the importance of the Brand Response Marketing Team in the past seven weeks.

You have been uncharacteristically quiet.

Do you agree with the thesis?

Do you disagree with the thesis?

Are you simply skeptical?

Do business results have to get considerably worse (like among our omnichannel friends on the retail side who followed their thesis into a catastrophe) before considering the thesis?

Why not take a moment, and send me a message. What do you like about the thesis? What do you dislike about the thesis? Are you skeptical? Or will you embrace the content? What changes are you making, based on what you have learned? Send me a message ( and offer your thoughts.

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