May 10, 2016


What do you see behind home plate?


Now, these folks do not practice the classic omnichannel strategy that the script writers demand of all of us. I happen to like Leinenkugel's Red. Can't get it in the Pacific Northwest. But you can get Summer Shandy. In summer.

And out here, since they don't exactly offer you everything you can get in Chippewa Falls, you don't really know who the heck they are. A visit to their website shows a lot of beverages that are not available everywhere.

So there you go - that's a real whopper of a customer acquisition strategy, don't you think?
  • Regional advertising.
  • Regional availability.
  • Seasonal availability.
You don't have to do what the script writers tell you to do. There's not a pundit on the planet who would tell you that Leinies has a credible omnichannel strategy.

Craft your own customer acquisition strategy. Have a plan, and follow your plan. Mailing co-op names or pay-per-click Google strategies or "leveraging Facebook" are not strategies, they are not a plan. Have a plan.

P.S.:  In other beer related news, Budweiser is rebranding itself as "America" through the election cycle (click here). It's a lot harder to have a customer acquisition plan like Leinenkugel's than to change the name of your beer to "America" for six months. One is a plan, the other is a trick. Both can work.

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