April 04, 2016

Project Opening!

Sometimes, a promised project falls through ... and when that happens, it's like having a sore tooth that is pulled, you have a gaping hole in your mouth.

So, I have a highly unexpected project opening in the April 25 - May 25 timeframe. This is my busy time of the year, so the opening isn't likely to remain for long.

FYI - here are what the most popular project requests are in 2016 ... if you have something that aligns with this, then by all means, get in touch immediately and capitalize on this rare open project slot:

  • Most Popular = Lifetime Value Analysis & Customer Acquisition Evaluation.
  • 2nd Most Popular = Merchandise Forensics (always a favorite ... the most popular project request over the past nine years).
  • 3rd Most Popular = Contact Strategy Evaluation.
  • 4th Most Popular = Email Marketing Strategy Evaluation.

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