March 31, 2016

Media + Shopping = A Customer Acquisition Strategy

Back to River Island. This is a video about a blogger and a model in London.

Then, they make the video shoppable - take a look:

And when you click on the clothing in the image, you are taken to a product page.

You are not doing a one-off here - the blog & YouTube & Facebook are used to promote the video ... the merchandise is shoppable ... and then you can buy the merchandise featured in the video.

I know, I know ... you sell widgets and you are never going to create your own videos, you are never going to outsource the idea either ... and if you did do that, you already know that the strategy would "not work".

Don't you have three or four employees who are talented enough to do something clever with video ... something at a low cost?

A Brand Response Marketer is going to do 25-30 of these things, knowing that 1-2 of them will work.

In so many ways, a modern e-commerce business is a media company. We just pick and choose the media we wish to leverage. A cataloger, for instance, acts as a traditional media company. River Island acts as a modern media company. But both, make no mistake, are media companies.

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