February 14, 2016

This Is Also A Customer Acquisition Strategy

I saw this product on Twitter, posted by a Financial Services professional, if I remember correctly. Now that I clicked on the item, Vermont Teddy Bear (click here) makes sure that I'll never forget the item courtesy of an aggressive retargeting program.

This, too, is a customer acquisition strategy. You craft a product based on a pop culture book/movie, people talk about the item, and then those who elect to view the item on the website are tracked all over the internet.

I know, I know. You sell widgets. You'd like to figure out how to align your widgets with the recent Peanuts Movie. You don't agree with the morals of what you see above. That's fine, I get it. Instead, think about a different solution that aligns with your business.

This product is a merger of a Brand Response Marketing strategy coupled with a Merchandising Partnership. I highly doubt Vermont Teddy Bear has a Brand Response Marketing team, but the end result is the same, nonetheless. Twitter and Retargeting and the product all yield a low-cost customer acquisition strategy.

There is a parallel to your business. Go make something happen!!

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