November 02, 2015

Elite Members Have Their Data!

Each of the Elite program members have their data!

A quarter of the participants were over a hundred million in annual online sales.

A quarter of the participants were scrappy, smaller businesses.

Participants succeeded and struggled. There were two interesting trends overall ... one regarding merchandise productivity trends, and one regarding new customer trends by season. The latter is far more interesting, and most important, has serious ramifications for most catalogers and e-commerce brands. "How Are We Going To Find New Customers In 2020" is one of the three mega trends ... Elite members learned something about this trend that the rest of you don't know and need to know.

The next run of the MineThatData Elite Program is in Early February ... the October / November / December / January Sale-Clearance season will be analyzed next. For most of you, Christmas is critical to your success. You want to know how you stack up against the competition, right?


Heck, most companies do not have the repurchase metric tables provided in the Elite Program, much less the competitive information.

So get involved. Reserve your spot RIGHT NOW for the Christmas run. The cost for new members is $2,000 per run (three runs per year) - and you are grandfathered in at that rate going forward. After January 31, the cost of the program increases to $2,500 per run.

Get involved. Now!!

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