October 05, 2015

The End of the Baseball Season

I grew up in Wisconsin, and I live in the Pacific Northwest. This means that I follow two teams.
  • The Milwaukee Brewers.
  • The Seattle Mariners.
By the time we got to May 1, there was little reason to watch either team.

Now think about how each team dealt with their challenges:
  • Milwaukee fired their Manager before April ended. They traded their best player away before the July trading deadline. They restocked their farm system in July and August. They announced that their General Manager was retiring, and hired a new General Manager (30 years old) in September, an individual with an analytics background. They gave extensive playing time to minor league players in September.
  • Seattle waited and waited and waited for something good to happen until late August. They then fired their General Manager a month past the trading deadline, and hired a new General Manager in late September.
Which team got a head-start on the future?

Ok, how about you? It's October. You pretty much know how your year is going to turn out, barring a miracle. If your business is below plan, are you taking the approach Milwaukee took, looking toward the future, or are you being like Seattle ... hanging on, not making changes, hoping for things to change ... not making changes until it is very late in the season?


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