October 15, 2015

On Friday, It Begins!!

Yup - as of the end of day yesterday, I received all of the data from the lucky participants in the MineThatData Elite program. Shortly, this audience of pioneers will be rewarded with knowledge of their own merchandise productivity, as well as an "average of averages" of merchandise productivity across all participants.

Ok, so you elected to not participate this time. But by now, you're saying to yourself, "Why wouldn't I want to know how my merchandise productivity stacks up against other participants? Is my business sluggish because of what I'm doing, or because of larger macro-economic issues?" You're wishing you got involved sooner, when the cost was locked in at $1,000 per run.

Well, after this run, there's going to be a lot of knowledgeable folks who have a competitive advantage over you. You'll want to join them. And you will join them ... you'll lock in at the $2,000 rate before February 1 (at which time, rates increase to $2,500 per run).

Get necessary approvals now - budget $6,000 for the three runs I anticipate in 2016. Then, you (too) can be part of the magic!

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