September 24, 2015

Just Five Days Away!!!

You have five more days ... five days ... FIVE ... (5) ... to get in for the first run of The MineThatData Elite program. C'mon ... five days!

Here's the details ... here's what you get for $2,000 per run (click here). The program is virtually free. You get to see how your merchandise productivity is changing. You get to see how your new + reactivated buyer counts are changing. You get to learn how you stack up against other program participants. No longer do you have to call up an industry guru and ask "what are you hearing out there in the industry", because you'll have the perspective of other companies, delivered to your inbox.

And you get the pick axe lapel pin. What more could you want?

Contact me right now ( and get yourself included in the first run of the MineThatData Elite Program.

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