September 29, 2015

Deadline = Today!!!! Hustle!!!!

Today is the deadline to get in on the very first run of the MineThatData Elite program.

Get in. Now!!!! Be a pioneer. Blaze the Oregon Trail, don't wait until I-84 is built and then jump in and take advantage of the hard work of others.

If you want to understand what is happening to merchandise productivity ... and quite honestly, I have no idea why you wouldn't want to understand what is happening to merchandise productivity ... send me an email and get busy (

If you want to understand the blended average (average of straight average across participants and weighted sales average across participants) of merchandise productivity across clients, this is the only place you're going to find out. The only one. Your co-op, who has all the data and could tell you what is happening in six seconds won't budge. This is the place where you find out what is happening in the competitive landscape.

The program has three runs per year.
  • June - July - August - September run ... participation due by 10/1, data/payment due by 10/15, analysis delivered by 10/31.
  • October - November - December - January run ... participation due by 2/1, data/payment due by 2/15, analysis delivered by 2/28.
  • February - March - April - May run ... participation due by 6/1, data/payment due by 6/15, analysis delivered by 6/30.
At just $2,000 per run, the work is completed, virtually for free! Why wouldn't you participate? Seriously - what would stop you?

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