August 26, 2015

Burning Man & Home Depot

Now, if you worship at the altar of personalization, then this is for you ... no, not the "Dear Kevin, Here Is 20% Off Because You Previously Bought Widgets" digital nonsense that some demand you adopt because some make money when you adopt their ethos.

No, this is merchandise personalization.

In an omnichannel world, you are told you must have the same products at the same prices across all channels. Sameness. You are told that "the customer" demands it.

In the real world, you run a local shop. You tailor the assortment to the audience in your local area, that's how you stay in business. What you do in Reno is different than what you do in Raleigh or what you do in Rochester. You do this because "your customer" demands it.

Think about how many customers you alienate by homogenizing your assortment across channels?

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