July 22, 2015

A Contrast Between Catalog Marketers and E-Commerce Marketers

Two recent conversations illustrate the significant difference between how catalogers operate, and how e-commerce companies operate. I will outline each comment, and then not offer my thoughts about each comment. Instead, I am asking you to think - think about the downstream impact of each comment.

Catalog Marketer Comment: "We're in the process of merchandising our Spring 2016 catalogs, and we're plotting out page counts for Fall 2016 catalogs. It's important that we know what merchandise will be in the catalogs, so that we can accurately forecast segment-level demand. Then, we can get busy planning the 2016 integration schedule between the catalog and the website. We really think that our Spring 2016 assortment will be a winner with customers."

E-Commerce Marketer Comment: "Our home page and landing page algorithm identified the items that exhibited improved performance. The algorithm pushed those items to our most visited pages, growing sales by 10% on Monday."

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