June 22, 2015

Taylor Swift

See, Apple is introducing a new streaming service. They wanted the customers to have the service for free, for three months. During the three month period of time, they didn't want to pay the artists.

That's called a toll, folks.

So your friend, a twenty-six year old woman named Taylor Swift, wrote this open letter (click here). Ms. Swift felt that it was important for artists to be paid. Artists would agree.

Too many of you tell myself, and folks like me, that "there's nothing you can do", that you feel helpless as vendors push you in directions that benefit them.

You are not helpless.

And do not retort with the "but Taylor Swift is huge, and we're small and powerless" argument. Stop it! Why not collaborate with companies you don't compete with, and as a group, argue for better terms from your vendor partners? Why won't you do that? Is it because it is hard work? You bet it is!

There is something you can do about the toll-based utopia the digital elite are thrusting upon you. It's on you, now, to make something happen. Don't just sit there. You have the skills and the goodness to make something happen. Go do it. I have faith in you!

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