June 28, 2015

Disney Magic

Read every single line connecting boxes in this image. Every. Single. One.

In the current omnichannel thesis, this image would exist ... but all of the words that support the lines that connect the boxes would be empty.

In other words, the current omnichannel thesis lacks any semblance of business understanding or vision or strategy.

In this one image, you can clearly see that the author understands how business works.

This truly is Disney Magic!

Let's think about our world. What might our image look like?

This is my opinion only (many of you will disagree), but our process has been created and consequently, evolved in a fashion different than the Disney example above. The process has been overrun by marketing influences, often from outside the companies we work for. The process moves up the page ... from Marketing to Content ... the Content is then Distributed via Channels, causing the Customer to Interact with Mobile and/or our Website.

At this point, Product Research begins ... and this is a big deal ... if we are happy with our Product Research, we move on to Price Research ... and that's where Google and Affiliates and others charge their tolls.

If the customer makes it this far, it is time to consider the purchase. This is where physical channels enter the story ... a Full-Price Store, an Off-Price Store, Digital Commerce, or Other Channels (continuity programs, for example). Here, a Merchandise Purchase happens, and the Merchandise Purchase theoretically causes the customer to have a completed and happy experience with The Brand.

At that point, the Marketer re-ignites the process.

Do you see how fundamentally different (and flawed) the omnichannel process is, compared to the Disney example (an example from the 1950s)?
  • Disney Example: Each box feeds upon each other, multiplying demand.
  • Omnichannel Reality: Each box lowers the probability of purchase, reducing demand.
In other words, Disney is giving the customer multiple opportunities to spend money differently. Our omnichannel reality gives the customer multiple opportunities to bail out of spending money one way.

This is why Omnichannel Theory (and Multichannel Theory a decade ago) fail to generate sales increases. We're just giving the customer more ways to complete one task. Disney is giving the customer more ways to complete more tasks.

That's Disney Magic!

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