June 02, 2015

Buy Buttons

Google / Pinterest and others are introducing buy buttons.

As we've learned with Amazon, when your customer buys your merchandise on Amazon, your customer is half as likely to buy from you again as when your customer buys from your website.

What do you think will happen when the social folks install a toll booth between you and your customer?

The social folks are in the process of installing toll booths all around your business, reducing you to a glorified vendor. Is it any wonder that the omnichannel punditocracy loves this stuff?

For customers < age 35, this kind of stuff, or some variant of it, will simply be what mobile commerce becomes. For the vast majority of my client base, this is a toll that erodes the customer relationship and overall profitability. This is the way things evolve ... go back twenty years and you see a comparable deal with online eroding traditional cataloging.

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