May 11, 2015

Practice What You Preach

I received an industry publication via email today - from a print-centric brand. There were a handful of articles that described that "catalogs are cool" - articles encouraging businesses to use print, articles pointing out that JCP mailed one catalog (how many times do we have to learn this fact?).

Now, it's common for vendors to paint a biased view of the world. Go read something about Apple if you want an example.

But the barrage of propaganda from the print community, outlining the resurgence of print, begs an interesting question.

  • Why are print-centric brands using e-mail to communicate to my clients that print works? If print was so effective, wouldn't printers and print-centric organizations use print to communicate that fact?
Ask your paper rep or printer why they communicate digitally and refuse to communicate via print ... then ask the paper rep or printer why they are demanding that you use print?

Now, does print work? Absolutely! Everything works (even social media), when aligned with the appropriate audience.

But please, go ask your printer or paper rep why they steadfastly refuse to use their own medium to promote their own medium.

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