April 12, 2015

The Masters

Some of you watched one of the four major golf tournaments during the past few days. It's labeled as "a tradition unlike any other". Yes, there's a marketing point coming ... for you ... so hang in there!

For me, the event signals the formal transition from winter to spring (unless you live in Northern New England). There's something special about putting winter in the rear view mirror, don't you think?

For those who have watched The Masters on network television for the past twenty-plus years, the event theme song is as cherished as the event itself. Click here if you don't see the box below, and enjoy Dave Loggins (yes, Kenny's brother, and if you don't know who Kenny Loggins is, go Google "Kenny Loggins Pooh Corner").

One of our loyal readers attended the event a few years ago, and passed along this image. Yes, I promise, I'm getting to a point about marketing. Please look at the image.

A Pimento Cheese sandwich folks. And it's only $1.50. Notice the Masters Logo (which you saw in the frozen frame on the video of the song) next to the sandwich ... they're daring you to try it!

Let me ask you a question. What is the product that I (Kevin) sell, the product is priced so low you have to try it, a product comparably endorsed by The Masters Logo? Couldn't name one, could you? That's a marketing failure on my behalf.

What is the product you sell, a product that is at a permanently tempting price, a product that you endorse on your website above all others, a product you dare your customers to try?

And what is the tradition you fold around that product? God knows I don't have a tradition to fold around my products.

All of us, me included, need a version of a Pimento Cheese Sandwich. I'm going to work on one. How about you join me? What is your version of the Pimento Cheese Sandwich? And what is the tradition you'll wrap around the Pimento Cheese Sandwich?

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