April 08, 2015

Sports Commerce Series: Customer Metrics

Many of our readers - especially those who follow along on Twitter, are actively involved in Sports Commerce. They perform analytics for sports teams, or they are part of sports organizations.

So I am going to do something for those folks ... each Thursday for awhile, I am going to run a series of sessions on Sports Commerce. In today's session, I will draw comparisons between Sports Analytics and Sports Commerce. Subsequent sessions will build upon prior content, as I explore how Sports Analytics Experts can generate significant profit for their teams/organizations by applying analytics techniques to their commerce divisions.

If you can see the embedded video below, please click it to view the session.

If you cannot see the embedded video, then please click here to visit YouTube to watch the session. 

If you work for a Professional Sports Franchise or a Collegiate Organization and don't have the resources to analyze your own Team Shop or E-Commerce Store, send me an email message (kevinh@minethatdata.com) and we'll talk about how I can help.

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