March 09, 2015

New Project Offering: Hillstrom's Vendor Academy

Yes, you can purchase the booklet now (click here).

A few weeks ago, an Executive asked me if there was a way to create a project to solve the Vendor-centric discussions the Executive was having problems with. In other words, the Executive was having a hard time telling a compelling story about the trajectory of his business, and when he tried to communicate anything, his vendors were unresponsive. The Executive was highly frustrated. He felt he had outsourced the majority of his marketing department to companies that cared more about their products/services than his business.

This is the impetus for the booklet.

And this is the impetus for a new project offering, called "Hillstrom's Vendor Academy".

Here's what you get.
  1. A mini - Diagnostics project.
  2. A mini - Merchandise Forensics project.
  3. Development of Annual Objectives designed to help your business grow profitably. The Annual Objectives come directly from the information learned in the mini - Diagnostics and mini - Merchandise Forensics work.
  4. Facilitation of the one-day Vendor Accountability Summit, helping you partner with your vendors to get everybody on the same page. You invite your vendor partners, I help facilitate the day-long session (if you want assistance).
  5. Creation of the Vendor Evaluation Dashboard.
  6. Monthly assistance with scoring vendors via your Vendor Evaluation Dashboard, for a total of twelve months.
  7. Communication guidance designed to help you get the most out of your vendor relationships.

This offering is in direct response to so many of the communications we've had in 2015. If you're serious about fixing business challenges, email me now ( and let's get busy. I take on two large projects per month, and my busy season begins in mid-April, so get your request in as soon as possible.

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