January 26, 2015

Updated Slides - VT/NH Presentation on February 19

Ok, friends, here's what are likely to be the 145 slides I present at the VT/NH Marketing Group session in Concord, NH on February 19.

Click here to download the slides.

Turn to page 62 for a new series of slides that outline the metrics surrounding a successful catalog business - how do your metrics compare?

And for heaven's sake, please hurry up and register for the conference before the room is full ... attendance is on a record pace ... and why wouldn't it be if you had a chance to hear Amy Africa present??!!

Click here to register.

Again - no selling, folks. It's you and your peers, discussing the future of your industry. Where else are you going to get this opportunity? And for under $200?

You're not going to learn eight best practices for driving sales through Instagram - nope - you're going to spend a day thinking about the future of your industry. Isn't that worth a day or two of time away from the office?

I know you're interested in this session ... the three versions of the presentation (the link to the one above is the fourth version) have been pinged just shy of 2,000 times total, with each version gaining more downloads than the prior version. So sign up, and I'll see you in a few weeks!

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