December 28, 2014

Updated Slides - And Registration Information

Ok, friends, two things for you:
  1. I've updated my presentation for the VT / NH Marketing Group "Who Is Looking Out For Your Interests" session on February 19 in Concord, NH. Click here for the updated slides, and let me know what I'm missing - let me know what you'd like for me to address.
  2. Here is a PDF for the day-long session ... as you can see, this power-packed event won't break the bank ... it's affordable, and you're not going to be sold anything by a vendor. Join Amy, Bill and I for a day of fertile discussion about the future of our industry. Click here for the PDF, then register and spend the day with us!
Did I mention that there's no selling during the event?

The slides are most assuredly worth a download - there's a brief view of the future, a whole section of tactics (mostly for catalogers - since catalogers responded that they want tactics), and a re-vamp of the history section, removing a lot of history.

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