November 27, 2014

Shifting Demand Into November And December

You see this one repeat all the time.
  • New+Reactivated Buyers, November-January = +5%.
  • New+Reactivated Buyers, February-October = -20%.
  • New+Reactivated Buyers, Annual = -7%.
When you drill down into the numbers, you uncover two really uncomfortable findings.

First, November-January buyers are much less likely to pay full price than February-October buyers.

Second, November-January buyers are much more seasonally oriented than February-October buyers, who happily buy during all calendar months.

Over the past five years, businesses ramped-up the November and December machine (Cyber Monday!), and greatly increased the presence of January as a clearance / liquidation month. Customers responded, in earnest.

Then we wonder why customers won't purchase during the rest of the year, when we try to push full price, non-seasonal merchandise?

Use your diagnostic framework to identify if this is happening in your business. Run the queries! Contact me if you can't get the work done (

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