November 06, 2014

It's Here! Hillstrom's Diagnostics

You are doing everything right. The trade journalists praise your omnichannel efforts. You are aligned with every single vendor that Woodside Research deems to be in the "best quadrant". Your mobile traffic is skyrocketing into the stratosphere. Your social efforts are engaging.

And yet, comp stores sales are +2%.

Or your catalog customer is now 63 years old, on average, and you're struggling to find enough 63 year old customers to keep growing.

Or you are an e-commerce business that is seeing slowing growth, for the first time ever.

You need Hillstrom's Diagnostics.

I'll help you identify why your business won't grow in an age of unlimited marketing channels.

Click here to pick up your Print or Kindle version, and start identifying why your business won't grow.


  1. I try not to purchase anything from Mr Bezos & Co, especially books. Can you get B&N to offer a digital edition of 'Diagnostics'?

  2. Prior efforts to sell via B&N have been outpaced by Amazon by more than a 35-1 ratio. I have not had any success selling on B&N. Other authors have very different experiences. B&N has not been worth the effort I go through to reformat content, obtain ISBN information, etc. to put the content on their Nook platform. I am willing to forego the 2-3 copies I do not sell as a consequence.



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