October 08, 2014

Direct Marketing Association Annual Conference Discount

Many of you plan on attending the Direct Marketing Association conference at the end of the month. How much did you pay to attend?

In the days leading up to the 2013 conference, the DMA offered me 50% off if I were to attend.

Back in December, I received an offer from the Direct Marketing Association for $600 off the 2014 conference. I contacted the DMA about the $600 discount, their response is outlined below (name blocked out - no need to get the individual in trouble).

The recommendation is that I should take advantage of the discount, because they were not planning on offering any more steep discounts after the New Year.

And the DMA kept their word, all throughout 2014. They stair-stepped their discounts down to $300 through early July.

Guess what happened yesterday (October 8), a few short weeks before the conference begins?

I am not a fan of lies.

You pay the DMA a lot of money to represent you in a fair and consistent manner. You have every right to ask for a refund of the difference between the discount I received, and the discount you earned when you registered for the conference.

The DMA is telling you to "Change or Die":

It is fair to ask the DMA to change their pricing tactics.

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