September 22, 2014

Diagnostics: Knowing Where To Stop

In good system, you don't drill down too far, and you don't overwhelm folks with too much information.

If you know how to do that, tell me how! Honestly, I go too far all the time, and I confuse folks.

But the better you design your "system", then the more efficient the system is at telling you that you've gone far enough.

Here, I divided up Womens productivity by price point ($0 to $20 items, $20 to $50 items, and $50+ items). What do you observe? Well, productivity in the lowest price points is obviously increasing, as is productivity in mid-level price points. High price point items is in free fall.

Then look at the final two columns. We can see that new item productivity is in free fall, while existing item productivity increased for a few years, then fell badly once there weren't enough new items to fuel existing item productivity.

This is a place where you stop telling your story. You have enough information to craft a story, to not overwhelm folks, and to truly identify the business problem. Stop here. Craft your story. And get ready to duck, because there's going to be a contingent that take umbrage with your story.

Don't want to do the work yourself - or don't have the resources to do it? Give me a holler ( - click now!!

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