June 08, 2014

Online / Retail Dynamics

During the next two weeks, we're going to talk a lot about what I call "Online / Retail Dynamics" (contact me via email ... kevinh@minethatdata.com ... for your own, customized project).

During the past two years, I've learned that we have a good understanding of online behavior within the context of a visit. Yup, we can clearly see what drove the customer to the website, and we can clearly see what caused the customer to "abandon" the visit. All good, no doubt.

But we're missing the context of a customer relationship, aren't we?

Study the image in this post. There are nine customer segments here, a common outcome in the Online / Retail Dynamics projects I've worked on during the past two years. In the upcoming days, we're going to dig into the nine segments, and in the process, we're going to learn how customers behave in an Online / Retail environment.

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