May 19, 2014

They Visit, They Don't Buy Anything

Look at the lower-left segment. This one is fun to analyze, don't you think?
  • 1.1 purchases last year, 2/3 happening on the website.
  • 16.8 website visits last year.
  • A 15-to-1 visit-to-purchase ratio.
  • The customer visits the website once every 22 days (which isn't bad).
This customer segment was least likely to buy in the next month - purchasing only 0.31 times, mixed reasonably close to 50% online / 50% retail.

If there's a place where your attribution work should be focused, it is on this segment. This customer visits the website often, but doesn't purchase often (once a year, on average). This is the place where you are likely wasting significant marketing dollars.

Segment your 12-month buyer file based on retail purchase activity, website purchase activity, and website visitation behavior (go ahead and toss merchandise and channel-based attributes into the analysis as well). You'll be amazed by what you learn!

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