April 30, 2014

Google and Advertising

This is near Picadilly Circus, in London.

There's a lot of "brands" advertising here, don't you think? Diet Coke, Samsung, TDK, McDonalds, Hyundai, and ... uh ... and Google!

If there's one thing I've observed in 2014, it is that it is getting harder and harder to get the message out.

The e-commerce folks want to know how advertise outside of the retargeting / remarketing / search / email / affiliate / marketplace ecosystem.

The catalog folks want to know how one drives traffic to a website without paper.

The retail folks want to know what has to be done to get a customer to get in her car, battle traffic for twenty minutes, park the car, and walk into a store.

The mobile folks want things to be "viral" so that customers are acquired without cost.

Even the most digitally adept brands try to get the message out ... on billboards, for crying out loud! It's part of their story.

We all have a story. Story is becoming increasingly important.

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