April 09, 2014

Another Retailer Is Struggling

This time, it's J and R Music World (click here).

Remember, you were told that bricks 'n clicks, combined with catalogs and e-commerce, represented the "Multichannel Bonanza".

You've been cheated, again and again and again, by consultants, vendors, and trade journalists who posit an agenda that benefits them, not you.

It's like the nonsense of the whole "Social TV" movement. Why do you think networks, advertisers, technologists, and social media experts want you to watch television programs live and comment about live programs via social media platforms projected on to a second screen?
  • Because television ratings increase, which allows TV networks to get paid.
  • Because live television means you won't fast forward through commercials, which means that advertisers get paid.
  • Because social media experts measure the whole dynamic, which means they get paid.
  • Because Facebook, Twitter, and others gain traction, which means they get paid.
  • Because you buy a second and third device, which means that device makers and ISPs get paid.
How do you get paid?


Do what is right for your business.

In 80% of my Merchandise Forensics projects, there's been a product issue that holds the business back. Why do we ignore merchandise, but care so much about omnichannel theory or the interaction of social and mobile? What, exactly, are customers buying in an omnichannel environment dominated by social and mobile?


Hopefully, a combination of merchandise and entertainment will help J and R Music World's reinvention process.

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