March 11, 2014

Until I Retire

In my Omnichannel Circus post, I originally had a line in the post that I removed, feeling it deserved an entire post.

Here's a quote that is directionally similar to what I hear, repeatedly, from my readers (vendor based or consumer based, doesn't matter):

  • "I'm 57 years old. With luck, I can retire when I'm 62, or more likely, I'll retire when I'm 65. I'm just trying to keep the wheels on the catalog bus until I retire."
I hear the quote from readers who are at the Manager level, the Director level, the VP level, the EVP level, the C-Level, and from Owners.

Think about what the statement says about modern cataloging at the catalog businesses people shop from?

Think about what the statement says about vendors selling omnichannel solutions to the catalog businesses people shop from?

Give the sentence some thought, before you head over to NEMOA later today or tomorrow morning. How does that sentence interact with what is being called "The Omnichannel Circus"?

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