December 03, 2013

Project Endorsement From Dancewear Solutions

I'm frequently asked for project endorsements. And for obvious reasons, clients want to keep their results as secret as possible.

However, the kind folks at Dancewear Solutions (click here) were willing to provide an endorsement. If you're thinking about a project, and just want to know that somebody else had a good experience, then read this statement from Claudia Reed, SVP of Marketing at Dancewear Solutions. Thanks, Claudia!

We engaged multi-channel marketing expert, Kevin Hillstrom, to conduct his Catalog PhD on our direct marketing program.  We are so thankful we did!  At a high level, he was able to better define our business and the type of direct marketing that makes sense for our very young, web-centric customer base.  On a more granular level, he was able to help us refine (or in some cases overhaul) our strategies and set budgets for various segments.

Kevin began by diving into four years of transactional and other data (including dropped cookie data from online shoppers) to provide excellent guidance for better leveraging our best customers and enhancing our DM-decision making for fringe customers.  The dropped cookie data gave insight into the value of customers obtained through various acquisition strategies (i.e. Google paid search, Bing organic, direct, social, etc.).  Kevin was also able to lend confidence to our mail hold-out test findings by aligning our results with his own extensive corporate and client research.  With his analysis complete, Kevin delivered scoring algorithms that allowed us to grade our existing customers A – F, as well as all new customers to file to help guide our future circulation efforts. 

We’ve followed Kevin's prescription for mailing our most (and least) active customers, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Cutting unnecessary circulation and shifting some of those dollars into new budget-friendly formats for our best customers allowed us to see a return on this investment with the first mailing! We’ll gladly be hiring Kevin again for future projects.

~Claudia S Reed, SVP Marketing, Dancewear Solutions

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