November 03, 2013

Major New Project Beta - Email + Search + Catalog Optimal Contact Model

As always, you get the first crack at new project betas, and at a lower price than when the product is rolled out - that's the benefit of following along here - you get a lower price for being a loyal follower, and because the product is being fleshed out!

Here's what I am hearing - this is going to cause me to develop a new product for you.
  • "My vendor develops models for catalogs. We have targeting strategies for email. And we don't do much with paid search other than keyword optimization. Our attribution vendor showed us how all our channels fit together. But none of that information goes into determining the optimal number of catalogs to mail, and the optimal number of emails to send. For instance, if we cut our paid search budget in half, what should happen to our catalog and email targeting strategies? Nobody is answering that question for me. How should the email contact strategy change when we add a catalog to the contact strategy only for best customers? If social is actively involved in my conversions, does this mean I can cut catalogs out of the stream? If mobile is now responsible for 15% of my orders, does this mean I should actively increase my email contact strategy? Again, nobody operationalizes this for me. I need scores in the database that make my decisions easy for me. Please help!"
So I'll answer that question for you - I'll help!!

The new modeling product will do the following:
  1. Determine the optimal number of catalogs to send, annually - dependent upon how many emails you choose to deliver.
  2. Determine the optimal number of emails to deliver, weekly - dependent upon how many catalogs you choose to send.
  3. Change the number of catalogs and emails to send as you change your paid search investment. In other words, if you cut your paid search budget by 30%, the result may mean a reduction in catalogs sent by 20% and an increase in emails delivered by 50%.
  4. The outcome is two scoring models (catalog, email) - and a paid search budgeting input variable that determines how many catalogs / emails to optimally send in the scoring models. You get the scoring equations to implement with your database vendor.
  5. If you want other ad channels included, we'll figure out what the appropriate charge is.
In other words, we're taking attribution to a new level - attribution/matchback work should not influence your total budget, attribution work should, at a customer level, dynamically change (in real time, weekly, etc.) how many catalogs and emails a customer should receive.

Interested? You should be!

My beta offers are time-limited, and cost 2/3 of the full project price.

I will accept offers for this project through midnight Pacific time on November 6. In other words, you have a bit more than two days to make a decision. I will also limit the offer to four clients - no more. So you've got to hurry, folks!

Interested: Email me ( immediately to get your place.

Data Requirements: Click here, please.

Pricing: 2/3 of a typical modeling project (please compare pricing to Clario and your typical database vendor ... they seriously overcharge you compared to what you get in this beta project):
  • $1 to $9,999,999 annual sales = $6,700 (normal price = $10,000).
  • $10,000,000 to $29,999,999 annual sales = $13,400 (normal price = $20,000).
  • $30,000,000 to $59,999,999 annual sales = $18,300 (normal price = $27,500).
  • $60,000,000 to $99,999,999 annual sales = $23,300 (normal price = $35,000).
  • $100,000,000 to $999,999,999 annual sales = $30,000 (normal price = $45,000).
  • $1,000,000,000 or greater annual sales = $36,700 (normal price = $55,000).
Again - this is time limited, and quantity limited - limited because this is at a beta stage, and is not a fully fleshed out project (but it will be by the start of 2014).
  • Beta offer ends midnight Pacific Time Wednesday.
  • No more than four offers accepted.
Your favorite vendor isn't likely to do anything like this - show me somebody that determines the optimal mix of catalogs and emails after factoring in the size of the paid search budget - so let's get busy!

P.S.: If you are in the UK, this would be a great time to "jump in" - it looks like I will be speaking at a conference in late February, so we can get your project done in time to discuss results in person!

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