October 14, 2013

Popular Project - Model Evaluation

Recall a few weeks ago I discussed the Clairo Modeling Project Review (click here)?

Well, you clicked out on the data requirements link thirteen times in twelve hours - which, when considering I was really talking about just one vendor, is amazing. Amazing! Think about it for a moment. Then the inquiries started coming in, and the conversations were about Clario, and so many other vendors.


So, we'll change the structure of the project a bit.

We'll expand the Clario Modeling Review to a Model Evaluation. Any model. A catalog model. Your email vendor's personalization algorithm. Your retargeting model. Segmentation strategies for targeted paid search. Homepage personalization. You name it, I'll review it, and I'll tell you if the strategy you are employing is causing improvements to your customer file, or I'll tell you that you're paying for something that is not delivering a positive outcome. 

Put twenty-five years of modeling experience at your fingertips.

Project Cost = $4,900.

File Layouts = Click Here (only file #1 is needed).

Contact Me: kevinh@minethatdata.com.

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