September 26, 2013

Last Chance!

Here's your last chance to get Hillstrom's Health Index (HHI) at $2,900. 

Nobody accepted the free offer.

But demand for the $2,900 offer has been good.

Next week, I'll have enough data via the trial offer to begin offering this as a full-price product ... the price point will be $4,900, based on the test cases I've analyzed and the results obtained. That's a spectacular deal - one any business can afford. If you're wondering what it might be like to work with me, here's an entry-level opportunity to find out.

I've revised my product offering - click here for details - you'll read a brief description of the work that is most popular, you'll see pricing information, and you'll see file layouts

From this point forward, Merchandise Forensics is being sold at full price, all test cases have been analyzed, reported on, and completed - 2013 test pricing for Merchandise Forensics is no longer available.

Also, I'm getting feedback for four other types of projects:
  1. Clario Optimization Review: This has come up numerous times in 2013 - so far, 100% approval of Clario's work. If you have concerns, I'll be happy to review the impact they have on profitability.
  2. Advisory Role: It came up this week - a business wants on-demand assistance with various strategic issues. I'm available for advisory work - I don't just do data mining and geeky math. Contact me for details.
  3. Buying/Selling a Catalog Business: I get many private equity inquiries - folks looking to evaluate businesses. I also get inquiries from CEOs who lead struggling businesses. Sometimes, I get the inquiries from each side! If you're on either side of buying/selling, we can use the HHI framework above as a starting point for evaluation.
  4. Omnichannel Evolution: Specifically, folks want to understand what role mobile plays in the evolution of traditional e-commerce. There's data that supports growth opportunities, and there's data that suggests that mobile completely cannibalizes and obliterates traditional e-commerce. Hire me to find out what end of the spectrum your business is on!

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