June 04, 2013

Just Create Great Content!

It's the number one phrase you hear from the social media elite:
  • "Just create great content!"
As if it were that easy.

I imagine that the social media elite would agree that if they write 100 "great" articles, only one or two resonate.

But that's the secret, right?  One or two resonate, while more than ninety-eight percent simply fall flat.

But those ninety-eight percent keep readers coming back.  They're not excellent, they'll never be excellent.  But they keep readers coming back.

Same thing in Merchandise Forensics.

The vast majority of the items you sell generate very little volume.

A handful of items are "great".  They generate forty or fifty percent of sales.

But without the other ninety percent or more of items, customers don't have reasons to purchase.

Run a Merchandise Forensics analysis on the items that are not popular.  You're likely to learn that those items are needed, or your best customers will walk away.

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