April 18, 2013

Mr. HiPPOman!!!

Why not start the day with comedic fun ... it's time for Mr. Hippoman!  He's the CEO of Hippoman's Big and Tall store, and as you might surmise, he's struggling with the future of marketing and retail.  His devoted marketing executive, Samantha, walks him through different marketing topics (omnichannel, public relations, social media, mobile, you name it).  The videos are in the tradition of Gliebers Dresses, for those of you who are fans of that series.

Yes, there's a hidden meaning in the name "Mr. HiPPOman"!

If you cannot see the videos in your reader - click here for a link to the permanent Mr. Hippoman page.

If you can see the videos below, enjoy ... they're about a minute long ... and while you're at it, why not share the videos with your co-workers, come on, participate in social media!!

Mr. Hippoman 001:

Mr. Hippoman 002:

Mr. Hippoman 003:

Mr. Hippoman 004:

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