March 12, 2013

Creative - Part 2

Yesterday, we talked about the style of creative used on home pages that appeal to customers like Judy, the 60 year old catalog shopping maven.

Today, let's take a look at J. Jill - here's their home page as of March 9.

And again, let's visit Quantcast to see who the audience is (click here).  Who is the audience, on average, visiting J. Jill?
  1. Judy - Average Age = 60.
  2. Jennifer - Average Age = 44.
  3. Jasmine - Average Age = 28.
  4. Jaydn - Average Age = 12.
Ok, let's compare the creative treatment to QVC, from yesterday:

The style is evolving, no doubt about it.  I'm not saying one style converts better than another, no way.  What I am saying is that as the target customer becomes younger, the presentation style changes - we offer fewer options, we begin prioritizing the telling of stories over the presentation of merchandise.

Here's Dillard's - another Jennifer-centric business.

Again, there are three stories that Dillard's is telling (see the black circles on the bottom-left of the image).  But the overall story is clarity.  We move away from featuring the breadth of assortment, we move toward the story the business wants to communicate to us.

We'll continue tomorrow with a shift from Jennifer to Jasmine.

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