November 28, 2012

Email Marketing and Jasmine: Curate! And Low Prices, Too

Jasmine is customer who likes email marketing. Sure, she's younger (average age = 19 - 35), and is "engaged" with social media.

But email marketing represents a way for the marketer to push information to Jasmine.  And Jasmine wants, in some ways, to be told what to do.  This concept, of course, is called "curation".

In my projects, I routinely notice several things about Jasmine.

  1. She's less loyal than Jennifer, and much less loyal than Jasmine.
  2. She isn't a huge catalog fan, and as a result, email marketing represents one of the few (inexpensive) ways for you, the marketer, to share information with Jasmine.
  3. She can't afford high prices.  She wants a $400 handbag, but she can afford $100.  Oh, and, she wants the $100 handbag to be 95% as good as the $400 handbag.
  4. Newness isn't that important to Jasmine --- presenting a compelling assortment is important to Jasmine.
Therefore, make life simple for Jasmine.  Your email marketing program can speak to her needs.
  1. Judy wants a $400 handbag on sale.  Jennifer wants a $400 handbag with 30% off and free shipping, and wants the $400 handbag to be the cheapest price online.  Jasmine wants a $100 handbag.  Give it to her!!
  2. Tell Jasmine a story.  It's not about the product, it's about how the product fits in with Jasmine's life and your assortment.
  3. Make everything shareable for Jasmine ... she's willing to be your customer acquisition partner (whereas Judy isn't going to go to the effort to help you, digitally).

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