September 02, 2012

Dear Catalog CEOs: Twelve Weeks

Dear Catalog CEOs:

You may already know this, but it bears repeating ...

  • The twelve weeks after a first purchase are really, really important.
Our instinct, of course, is to get a bunch of catalogs in the hands of a customer who just placed a first order.

Our instinct, of course, should be to make sure that everything about this first order went well.  We should make sure that the customer feels like s/he was taken care of, and feels satisfied.

For many folks, 40% to 50% of all customers who will purchase again do so within the first twelve weeks of a first purchase.  For those who were happy with an order, this timeframe is ripe for "add-ons".  For those who didn't order the right size, this timeframe is when returns and exchanges happen.

Please consider having somebody in your marketing department be responsible for satisfying customers in the twelve weeks following a first order.  You might be surprised with the results you get!  B2B marketers, typically, are much better at this than are B2C marketers.  Maybe it is time all marketers focus on this critical stage in the customer life cycle.

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