May 09, 2012

Mobile Accounts For 50% Of Daily Sales

By now, you've had the opportunity to read this ditty about flash sales websites generating up to 30% to 50% of daily sales via mobile (click here please).

Now, I want for you to look this individual in the eyes ... go ahead, look her in the eyes:

This, of course, is Judy ... she's 59 years old.  She's not driven by the urgency of a flash sales site.  She lives in an area where she can't even get 4G coverage on her phone.  She demands a keyboard-based experience.

If this is your customer, then mobile is a niche, at best.  You won't achieve 50% mobile sales.

Take a look at this young lady:

This is Jasmine, right?  She's 27 years old.  She can't afford expensive merchandise.  She is motivated by urgency.  She has a 4G phone, and that's a good thing, because in an urban/suburban environment, she can make good use of the device.  

Heck, Jasmine would prefer to keep her phone if given the choice between her phone and her car!

Now take a peek at Jennifer:

Jennifer, of course, is 43 years old.  Her experience is likely to start with Google.

In other words, Jennifer hunts for the best deal available for her family ... she goes out and searches for the best product and the best price.  She doesn't want a curated experience, and she doesn't want "the Man" forcing her to do something she doesn't want to do.

She's "the decider".

We're marketers, right?

So why don't we segment our audiences?  Isn't this Marketing 101?

These days, everything we read is based on an over-generalization ... we find a story to match our worldview (mobile is HOT), then we suggest that everybody can achieve greatness if they just have a world-class app.

If your customer is 59 years old (Judy), it doesn't matter how great your app is ... you're not going to break through.  This doesn't mean that mobile isn't important, it just means you're not going to generate 50% of your sales via mobile this September.

If your customer is 27 years old (Jasmine), then mobile+social is a fundamental part of your brand, right?  Maybe generating 50% of sales via mobile means that you are not performing to expectations!!

Read these articles carefully.  Know your customer.  Then craft an appropriate strategy!

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