April 04, 2012

Email Marketing: Jasmine

Email marketing plays a whole different role when we're looking to "engage" Jasmine.

Remember, Jasmine's persona is somewhere around twenty-seven years old.  This means that Jasmine has been raised in the age of "The Great Recession".  Jasmine doesn't have the money that prior generations enjoyed at her age.

Email marketing needs to reflect this in three important ways.

  1. Great quality product at low prices.  Jasmine is not going to pay $399 for a handbag, so don't bother trying to get her to "aspire" to purchase something she can't afford.  Focus the merchandise assortment around what Jasmine can buy, not what you want her to buy.
  2. Curation.  Put an assortment together for Jasmine, have a point of view!  Jasmine uses external sources like blogs to understand what might work for her ... that means that we as marketers are doing a poor job of curating for her.
  3. Sharable.  Jasmine trusts her friends.  Make all content easily sharable, and let Jasmine help do the marketing for you.  This is very different than Judy and Jennifer, they aren't going to do the marketing for you!
Segment who Judy, Jennifer, and Jasmine are.  Then speak to each persona the way each persona wants to be spoken to.  Go well beyond my research, actually test what works with each persona and then apply your learnings in the marketplace.

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