April 29, 2012

Dear Catalog CEOs: Attribution Week

Dear Catalog CEOs:

This week, we're going to tackle a concept known to the catalog industry as the "matchback", or to the rest of the world as "attribution".

As you already know, our industry incorrectly associates many online orders with the mailing of a catalog.  Based on mail/holdout tests, we know that some customers will continue to spend money, half or more of their dollars, when no catalogs are mailed.

This is not something that the vendor community wants for you to know.  The entire vendor ecosystem benefits when we over-attribute online orders to catalogs.

This week, we'll look at examples of mail/holdout tests.  We'll more accurately understand how catalog marketing impacts a business.  You'll be much more profitable if you adhere to the knowledge learned in the series of posts that will be published this week.

Good luck!

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