March 14, 2012

Setting Up Accountability For Judy, Jennifer, and Jasmine

Let's pretend you assign a merchant/creative/marketing expert to each persona.

Here's Judy, Jennifer, and Jasmine.

Three customers, somewhere around 59, 43, and 27 years old.  Each customer requires a different marketing approach, don't you think?

Each customer is coded in the database (that's what I do, email me for details).  Think about each customer as a separate line of business.  You assign a merchant/creative/marketer to each team (preferably at the Manager/Director level, to give folks a practical leadership opportunity), and you give them authority to grow their customer audience.

What might work with Judy?

  • A possible increase in the catalog mailing strategy.
  • Targeted catalog mailings with unique merchandise offerings.
What might work with Jennifer?
  • Smaller catalogs that drive Jennifer to the web.
  • A strong search marketing program.
  • Significant experimentation with the email marketing program to identify the best creative strategies to inspire online purchases.
  • A zeal for creating landing pages that are "to die for".
  • Experimentation with iPad-based commerce.
What might work with Jasmine?
  • Elimination of most/all catalog mailings.
  • Viral-based email marketing strategies that focus on time-based deals and bargains.
  • Mobile strategies that integrate social and flash sales.
  • Social shopping ... think Pinterest / E-commerce integration.
  • Integration of friend-based events with current e-commerce business.
Anyway, you have better thoughts about this than I have, so have at 'em!!

Is there a way to focus on customer personas, managing the business via customers instead of via channels?


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