February 02, 2012

Sending Catalogs to Judy

You've been introduced you to three types of shoppers relevant to catalog and e-commerce marketers:
  • Judy (pictured here), the 50-64 year old catalog-centric customer who enjoys catalogs more than just about any other form of marketing.
  • Jennifer, the 35-49 year old online maven, one who may shop from catalogs, in fact, she may do just about anything/everything!  Jennifer, however, doesn't need 22 catalog mailings a year to make a decision ... she's the "decider", and because of this, you can save a lot of money by mailing fewer catalogs to Jennifer.
  • Jasmine, the 18-34 year old master of social commerce thinks catalogs are old-school.  As Jasmine likes to say, "if it is important, it will find me".  You're not likely to make a dent sending catalogs to Jasmine.
Let's see what a typical catalog profit and loss statement looks like for Judy, the die-hard catalog shopper.
Judy tends to shop catalogs, then she picks up the phone and speaks to a customer service agent in your call center.  As a result, her sales are highly "trackable".  Judy doesn't shop online much, and if she does shop online, most of her online sales are caused by catalog marketing.  

Judy tends to be a very profitable catalog customer.

Segment folks like Judy in your database, or give me a holler and I'll do it for you!

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