February 27, 2012

Getting Proof: Merchandise

When a business is suddenly struggling, maybe down 10% from your expectations, we have an instinctual response ... we look to solve problems that are within our control.

  • We try to fix email marketing.
  • We yell at our co-op representative.
  • We blame Google for removing visibility into organic, long-tail keywords.
Well, you can do that all day long, and it seldom matters.  Be honest, how often do you make critical mistakes in email marketing (or in long-tail keyword management) that hurts the business by 10%?  Be honest!

The reality is that there's some macro-economic issue that is hurting your business, or, and I know you don't want to hear this ... customers don't like your merchandise.

I know, I have to be wrong.

Except, often, I'm not.  Often, errors are made, not intentional mind you, that impact response.

Tomorrow, we'll talk about how we evaluate merchandise productivity.  It turns out that merchandise productivity fuels your business, far more than anything else you typically focus on.

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