December 21, 2011

9th Day of Christmas

The 9th Day of Christmas = Nine Employees Dancing

In the song, we hear of nine ladies dancing.  Now, be honest, when is the last time you saw nine employees celebrating?

The beautiful thing about sports is that somebody gets to "win".  And even if you're a terrible team, say in baseball, you still win 50 times a year ... every third day, you win.

If you're a terrible football team, you might not even win one game.  But within each game,  you might score three touchdowns, meaning you have three opportunities to celebrate.

When is the last time you celebrated anything meaningful at work (other than getting a cake to celebrate that a co-worker is leaving the company)?

In 2012, pick nine events that are worth celebrating, and celebrate them like you just scored a touchdown or just won a baseball game.  Did conversion rates beat expectations by 20% vs. last year for an entire week?  CELEBRATE!  Did you launch a new product that performed 30% above the new product performance average?  CELEBRATE!

Pick nine events that are worth celebrating.  Teach your co-workers that it is ok to celebrate wins.  God knows you're going to get beat up over things that don't work, so why not celebrate things that go well?

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  1. Once again a great job....Always very informative and well thought out.


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