October 03, 2011

October: Failing Business Month

This month, we're going to talk about something you probably don't want to talk about.

We're going to talk about what happens when a business starts to fail.

It turns out that we have a lot of metrics, and I mean A LOT of metrics, that clearly communicate to us when our business is on the verge of struggling.  We can literally diagnose when trouble is coming, and we can do it proactively.

This isn't going to be a fluffy "Eight Tips And Best Practices" series with pithy recommendations like "use your net promoter score to diagnose brand challenges" deal.  This is about picking up a broom and doing hard work, about setting up a series of analytics that help you understand when the wind is about to shift, or help you understand what the repercussions are when the wind shifts.

Tomorrow, we pick up a broom and we begin sweeping.

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