June 09, 2011

Against Anything New?

From time to time, I am criticized for being against new trends and technologies.

Oh boy.

This couldn't be farther from the truth.

Allow me to amplify my position.

Here's what I am in favor of:
  • Constant strategic experimentation with new technology.
  • Innovation consistent with the preferences of your target demographic.
  • Innovation in new channels, aligned with the audience that uses new channels.
  • Sales increases that come without a significant loss in profitability.
  • Consistent profit increases.
  • Investment of a percentage of profit in new technology.
Here's what I am not in favor of:
  • Vendor hype.
  • Trade journal hype.
  • Research organization hype.
  • Blogger hype.
  • Twitter hype.
  • Social Media hype.
  • Mobile hype.
  • Strongly worded opinions not backed up by actual customer data.
  • Promoting strategies employed by individuals/artists as being able to scale enough to work at $100,000,000 brands.
  • Doing something that is trendy, but doesn't pay the bills.
  • Failure to embrace the future.
  • Discounts.
  • Promotions.
  • Lies.
  • Using new technology to force old solutions on customers.
So, if DirecTV is going to allow me to watch the Green Bay Packers play on my iPad when I am in Paris, then yes, I am an unabashed advocate of new technology.  You see, in this case, new technology solves a problem for me.

But if a smartphone allows me to scan a QR code to receive a 30% off promotion only if I "like" the brand on Facebook, well, that may not register very high on my tech-o-meter.  This does not solve a new problem.  This is simply a game that manipulates metrics associated with new channels to make the new channels look good.

Ok, time for your thoughts.  Am I biased against new technologies and new channels?  Does my lust for profitability blind me to a horizon filled with possibilities?  Are you for/against new technologies and methodologies?

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