March 01, 2011

Vera Bradley Outlet Event

The image might be hard to see, so click here to visit a web-based image of this e-mail campaign.

One way to measure the strength of your brand is to charge customers money to attend an event.

In this case, for $5.00, you get to be one of up to 24,000 individuals who are allowed to attend a Vera Bradley Outlet Sale.  Sure, you get to go for free the final three days, but as anybody knows, the good stuff is snatched up quickly, so for $5.00, you get access to the good stuff.

I'm not saying this works, or doesn't work, or that I do/don't support this.

I'm simply asking you, the marketing leader, how you might think about creating urgency in your business ... how might you foster an environment that causes somebody to feel that they have to spend $5 just to have the opportunity to participate in an event?

It's certainly the opposite of 20% off plus free shipping for Cyber Monday, isn't it?

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